Why did we create FarmFan?

Simply put: because text messaging is the best way to reach customers.

A whopping 98% of all text messages are read by their recipients, versus only 25% of emails and as little as 4% for many social media channels. So while keeping Facebook pages and email accounts up to date is important for farms and other small businesses, text message marketing is where it’s at

.Our main goal is to bring farmers the easiest and most effective ways to market and grow their businesses, and keeping customers informed of farmer’s market days and building reward systems are one of the best ways to do that.

Small Farm Central staff

Fixing the forgotten farmer’s market...

In the fall of 2013, Small Farm Central’s founder, Simon Huntley, was trying to come up with a way to solve a common problem that kept coming up with his farmers and market managers…

Market dates were being forgotten in a wash of soccer games, brunch dates, and other commitments that keep would-be market customers from becoming regular market shoppers.

The main problem?

That would-be customers had completely forgotten that it was Market Day.

And then it came to him: Text messages. Who doesn’t check their phone when it buzzes?

If farmers and market managers could easily text their entire customer list on market day to remind them, they could grab a few insulated bags and swing by the market as they were going about the rest of their day.

Text messaging could fix the problem of forgotten farmer’s market dates once and for all.

So who are we?

Small Farm Central is a community of farm-loving techies who care about the future of small farms and local agriculture, headed up by Simon Huntley, who was himself, grown on a small farm in the southwestern hills of Pennsylvania.

Our mission is to create tools that connect farms, CSAs and markets to the rest world using innovative, farm-centric technology, so that they can be sustainable, profitable businesses for the small farmers who are the backbone of a healthy food system.

FarmFan is headed up by Small Farm Central’s founder Simon Huntley, who grew up on a small farm in the hills of southwestern Pennsylvania before pursuing a degree in Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State University.

Other tools for farmers

Small Farm Central does more than just create tools like FarmFan to help small farms reach their communities--we also offer education and guidance, teaching farmers simple, effective ways to grow their businesses.

You can read more about our story and check out our other tools for farmers here.

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